Got a chance to draw for @michaeldean2.0 and @modeltrainersnyc . He had an idea of turning him and his friends, Nick and Sean to be superheroes. That, being my specialty, I said yes immediately and got to drawing. This is also one of the first times I got to do a panoramic drawing.Normally when I collaborate with fitness creators here, they often ask about graphic design so it’s a nice change of pace when I get to illustrate for a collab.

O.X (2017)

Love is always a tricky subject for me to tackle. Admittedly, it's something that I don't fully understand myself which is why I haven't completely created any artwork revolving it's concept. 

I created this series based on the different kinds of love; agape, ludus, mania, pragma and storge. This is heavily inspired by a good friend of mine, Oxford. When we met back in May, we instantly connected and had very interesting conversations about how he viewed love as a multi-faceted emotion. He showed me his opinion piece that talks about love and its complexities. He introduced me to this notion that there are many types of love other than how its represented in society and media. 

Now at that time, I was very apathetic about love and I thought that it was just all about the romantic aspect of it, an aspect that I've always lacked in my life. But hearing how he saw it, it opened up my mind and it helped me understand that everyone is able to love in more ways than one. 


indivisuals (2014)

INDIVISUALS is a collection celebrating the human anatomy. I wanted to visualize all the great traits and personalities that a human would have. I aimed to create colorful characters that would have powerful and dynamic poses that shows the athleticism of a human being.


2013 was a wild ride. I did a lot of things that helped me grow up and I felt like I was transitioning from a kid to a young adult. It was overwhelming, so right after the year ended, I had to take some sort of break from everything and had to re-evaluate what I wanted to do or even think about the things, I haven't done. Creating this collection allowed me to visualize the things that I've learned and relive all the epiphanies I've had.

school of x key art and character concept art (2014)

RISING (2013)

This is probably the longest amount of time I've spent in an artwork. It usually takes me maximum of 2 days in painting an artwork but since this artwork had a complicated concept in it, I had to add the detail and the thought into the artwork. The artwork has the theme of "Rebirth" and "Reinvention". Everyone has their fair share of struggles in their life and for you to successfully come out of it, you have to go through certain changes, whether it's the environment you're in or even changing yourself. This artwork depicts that even when you find yourself in the deepest, darkest abyss in your life,  you'd be able to come out of it stronger than ever. 

Duration: 5 hours for 2 weeks. 


I dabbled in some studio photography and merged it with illustrations. The theme that i came up with was "seasons" and I gathered visual influences for the color palette and cuts of the clothing.

I used a number of media in rendering these artworks allocated for each season; Gouache for Autumn, Watercolor for Spring, Pencils for Summer and Markers for Winter. I wanted to create vibrance into this series and added some abstract elements into it. 

PROJECT DATE:  October- December 2013 | MODEL: Will Toogood